To continue to be a company that is needed by customers and society toward achievement of sustainability, the Tsuchiya Group is committed to CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives, including environmental and social aspects.

Information Security Policy of Tsuchiya Group

We, the Tsuchiya Group (hereinafter referred to as "the Group"), are committed to maintaining and developing businesses based on long-term relationships of trust with our business partners under the philosophy of "Contributing to the creation of a better living and society through creativity, ingenuity and effort.”

In order to achieve this, we will maintain high corporate morals regarding information security. We will implement security measures by allocating the necessary management resources to protect the information assets of our business partners and the Group from any and all threats. In particular, each and every employee of the Group shares this idea and acts accordingly.

We have established information security policy as follows, which we will promote it as a group.

■Establishment and Continuous Improvement of Information Security Management Rules


The Group recognizes that information security is one of the most important issues in its management and business. The Group establishes information security management rules that comply with and conform to the requirements of laws and other regulations. Furthermore, the Group establishes and steadily implements an information security management system. In addition, the Group maintains and continually improves our organizational, personnel, physical and technical information security.

■Protection and Continuous Management of Information Assets


The Group takes management measures to adequately protect its information assets from threats to their confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

■Compliance with Laws and Regulations


The Group complies with all laws, regulations, and other norms related to information security. The Group also ensures that our information security management rules conform to these laws, regulations and other norms.

■Education and Training


The Group will raise awareness of information security among directors and employees, and provide them with education and training on information security.

■Prevention of Accidents and Response When They Occur


The Group strives to prevent information security incidents, and in case of an accident, promptly takes appropriate measures including recurrence prevention measures.

January 1, 2021

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

President & C.O.O.

Koichi Ohara

Quality Policy of Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

  1. We aim to be a "new trading company" that proposes solutions through "creativity" and "challenges”.
  2. We always think from the customer's point of view and provide thoughtful service.
  3. We continuously improve the way we work with the wisdom of all employees.
  4. We pursue safety and security by complying with laws and rules of inside and outside of the company.

January 1, 2021

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

QMS Manager

Senior Managing Director

Kanefumi Akiyoshi

Environmental Policy of Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. contributes widely to the development of industrial world as a general trading company located at the core of the group which has each kinds of manufacturing company. We also recognize that the products we sell have an impact on the environment in the process of manufacturing, using and disposing of them. Based on this recognition, we will actively work on environmental conservation, and promote to develop and sell products that contribute to the construction of recycling-oriented society based on our corporate philosophy of "Contributing to the creation of a better living and society through creativity, ingenuity and effort."

Basic philosophy


  1. We will verify the impact of our corporate activities on the environment from various aspects, build an appropriate environmental management system, and strive for continuous improvement and pollution prevention.
  2. We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, and other requirements that we agree to.
  3. We will set the following priority issues and review them appropriately with the aim of achieving better environmental standards.

Priority issues


We will set environmental targets especially in the following efforts with the slogan “For tomorrow's earth and children! What we can do now."

  1. We will strive to provide products that are earth-friendly.
  2. We will work on energy and resource saving.
  3. Reduce waste through recycling and proper product management.
  4. Obey the laws and rules of inside and outside of the company.

This environmental policy will be made known to employees, etc., posted on our website, and made publicly available.

January 1, 2021

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd.

EMS Manager

Senior Managing Director

Satoru Nakada

ISO Certification Acquisition

Tsuchiya Co., Ltd. and all its group companies have acquired ISO14001 certification and ISO9001 certification, which is the international standard for environmental management systems and for quality management systems respectively.

Sponsorship / Social Contributions

Tsuchiya group companies wish for continuous development of a prosperous society, and keep promotion activities to contribute not only to social contribution through business activities, but also to development of local economy and culture, with the first priority of being a “Good Corporate Citizen”.

Activities and Sponsors

-Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra

-Monument of Tokaido Pine Trees in Chiryu City

-Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan sponsored by Corporate personhood, the Society of Automotive      Engineers of Japan, Inc.

-Social Welfare Corporation, Aichi Life Telephone Association


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