Anodized plates

Anodizing, or anodic oxidation, is a surface treatment process for aluminium that creates a thin protective layer of aluminium oxide. Anodizing breaks the top layer of aluminum. We screen print or digitally print into the open pores of the aluminum. After printing, seal the aluminium sheet in a warm bath. This process achieves the maximum durability of aluminium labels, which are resistant to mechanical damage, high temperatures, corrosion and chemicals. Such resistant labels can be used both indoors and outdoors. The labels can be supplied in the required size, fitted with holes or a layer of adhesive.

Carelli anodised label

Stainless steel plates

Offering excellent resistance to chemical and electrochemical corrosion, stainless steel labels are ideal for chemically stressed environments. We manufacture various types of labels to meet customer requirements, providing advice and recommendations including graphic design. The range includes printed, unprinted and engraved labels. We mainly produce stainless steel labels, either self-adhesive or self-fitting with customizable size and shape according to customer requirements. Stainless steel labels with special properties can withstand both harsh interior and exterior conditions.

Citroën anodised plate

Metal plates

Suitable for harsh industrial environments, metal labels are offered as identification, production or industrial labels and instrument panels. These labels, available printed, unprinted or engraved, are manufactured in materials such as iron or stainless steel. These materials have high resistance to mechanical and chemical influences, light and corrosion. We offer metal labels with self-adhesive attachment options or with mounting holes for self-attachment. The size and shape of the labels are customized according to the special requirements of our customers. 

Metal Halali labels

Plastic cards

Aimed at industrial applications, particularly in the automotive and engineering sectors, our plastic labels offer versatility and affordability. We produce labels with a variety of finishes including printing, lamination, painting, photoluminescent and reflective effects. We offer labels in many types of plastics, in any shape and size. Plastic labels excel in resistance to external conditions, chemicals, abrasion, UV light and have electrical insulating properties. Self-adhesive labels or labels with mounting holes can be supplied for a wide range of applications.

Plastic Labels Volleyball

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