We produce labels in many different forms and designs including TTR labels (clean, printed, barcodes, etc.). Part of the label production is their design and graphic arrangement.

3D Labels

3D labels – Hibosscal

Hibosscal labels are a special kind of 3D labels and plates. It is a technology patented in Japan by our parent company Tsuchiya Group. This technology consists of laminating molded plastics with surface treatment of the print and with embossing. The resulting products are of a high aesthetic level.

The HB labels are used mainly in the automotive. You can find them, for example, in the interiors and exteriors of cars as various decorative strips and emblems.

3D labels - resins

Self-adhesive labels with resin give each product, logo, or symbol an interesting spatial effect. Thanks to their highlighting with a 3D effect the products cannot be overlooked. self-adhesive 3D labels can also be placed on round shapes and used in interiors and exteriors.

3D self-adhesive labels are most commonly used as promotional and advertising labels or for product type designations.

Anodized plates

Aluminum anodized plates guarantee a first-class durability. Thanks to anodizing, aluminum labels are not only scratch-resistant, chemical and weather-resistant but are also highly aesthetic.

Aluminum anodized plates are used in a variety of industries, particularly as tags, registration or production labels. We are able to produce orders from a sole label to large series.

Plastic cards

In the area of plastic cards, we mainly produce industrial tags (marking of products, stock items), automotive and machine plates. The advantage of plastic cards is their versatile use and moderate cost.

Metal plates

Metal plates are highly durable and suitable for industrial use. Stainless steel plates have increased resistance to chemical and electrochemical corrosion and are suitable for use in chemically stressed environments. Metal plates are used, for example, as door plates or as production and industrial tags in the food and automotive industries.

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