Anodizing parts

In addition to our own production of anodized labels or control panels, we also perform the surface treatment of various customer parts as well as anodizing of metal sheets for printing. Anodizing provides excellent durability and product aesthetics. It is the surface treatment of aluminum products and their alloys delivered by the customer.

More about the anodizing technology here.

Laser inscription

In this procedure, a thin layer of the material surface is removed by the means of a special light beam. The laser inscription stands out for its durability, precision, sharp effect and legibility of the mark. It also allows the inscription of uneven surfaces and does not interfere with the surface of the labeled material.


  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Graphic arrangement

We offer our customers a complete processing of the supplied graphic templates from text editing, through scanning and previewing to the production itself. We provide a complete graphical arrangement for all kinds of technologies offered by our company.

UV varnishing

We perform both full-area and partial (local) UV varnishing. It is an attractive and, compared to lamination, more financially advantageous surface treatment, resulting in high-gloss surfaces or individual graphic elements. Using this technology, the lacquers are instantly dried by UV curing lamps, thereby speeding up the production process and improving the surface durability. The cured UV varnish creates a straight film on the lacquered product with a very smooth surface.

Full surface UV coating – the full-area coating usually replaces lamination, but it can also be done on non-standard shapes.

Partial UV varnishing – local varnishing is used as a finish e.g. for digital printing, where a logo, images or a text are highlighted. It is possible to work with special types of varnish (to achieve matte, glitter or textured surface.


  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Metal

Features of UV varnishing:

  • Affordability
  • Resistance to UV radiation
  • Resistance to abrasion and scratching
  • Higher gloss achievement than traditional technologies
  • Also suitable for uneven surfaces
  • The painted surface can be further treated (e.g. by embossing or adhesive foils)

Screen tightening

We provide servicing and maintenance of screen printing templates

We are also able to help our customers with additional screen printing template services such as pre-printing treatment with demultiplexing, cleaning, degreasing and drying. 

Product testing

We rely heavily on the quality of our products, and therefore we put a great deal of emphasis on testing. We perform product testing in our R & D or in external certified laboratories. We are able to provide, for example, product testing with different heat and weather conditions, chemical influences, etc.

Measurement (2D-3D)

For the 2D and 3D measurement of parts, we use an optical measuring system that allows us to control the shape quality of products on a high level. The optical measuring system provides accurate and fast measurements of flatness, deformation, rounding, circularity, width, height, profile, angles and distances. It is used to measure the parameters of products, parts or molds and their subsequent comparison with the model. The measurement is then delivered to the customer as a report with a table of measured values.

Tool shop

We can offer the production of stamps of various shapes and sizes according to the customer's requirements.

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