Screen printing

Screen printing is a printing technique in which colors are pressed through individual screens onto the printed substrate.


Classical letterpress or also printing from above is a traditional printing technique in which the printed material is positioned on an elevated print platform and printed with color. Letterpress is used to print common labels for the interior. For the exterior use we can offer protection by painting or laminating.

Digital printing

Digital printing enables single-color and full-color printing of various materials. Print graphics are transferred from the computer or storage media directly to the printing machine when digital printing is performed.


Anodizing or elox coating is an electrolytic process in which a thin anodized oxide layer is formed on the surface of items made of aluminum and its alloys. It is used as a surface treatment which improves the aesthetic properties and durability of the product.

We print to an open aluminum oxide layer using screen printing or digital printing. After the subsequent closure of the oxidation layer on the surface of the printed object in a hot bath, perfect hardness is achieved. This type of aluminum plate is very resistant to mechanical damage and weathering.


We use eccentric presses with a cutting force of 10 to 40 tons for pressing parts. We mold plastic products, cutting metal sheet and more complex metal sheet products (e.g. for the automotive industry). We process galvanized aluminum sheets, steel sheets and stainless steel sheets. We pay attention to the accuracy of production and provide finishing surface work on the moldings as well.

Laser cutting

We use the laser cutting technology for laser cutting, internal and circumferential cutting of plastics, and for the development of polycarbonate dials intended for automotive applications. Laser cutting is suitable for cutting plastics and sheet material (except PVC) to the maximum thickness of 2 mm.

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