Aluminum is currently the most widely used metal in construction practice next to iron. There is no area of industry or everyday life where we do not encounter products made of aluminium and its alloys. Due to the prevalence of this metal, there is an increasing interest in its surface treatment for its long-term durability.

What is anodised aluminium?

The surface treatment that we at BBH Tsuchiya apply to pieces of aluminium and its alloys is called anodic oxidation, anodisation or anodising. It is an electrochemical surface treatment that produces a thin, anodic oxidation on the aluminium surface layer.

Why anodize?

The anodising layer is formed directly from the metal and therefore cannot be mechanically removed. It therefore gives the product the required Resilience against:

  • mechanical damage
  • chemical damage
  • adverse weather conditions
  • corrosion
  • Wear and tear


  • improves Aesthetic properties
  • leaves metallic appearance parts
  • allows you to add colour layer in basic shades of blue, black, red, yellow, green and orange.

Eloxation station

How does the anodizing process work?

  1. Preparation of material: First, we attach the aluminium products to the hinges. These hangers are placed on anode rods that are located above the 2x1 meter anodizing baths. This allows us to anodise even large parts.
  2. Formation of the protective layer: The protective layer is "grown on", not simply applied. The whole process involves immersing the aluminium in an electrolytic solution, with an electric current passing through the material. This layer increases the durability and longevity of aluminium parts.
  3. Closure of the oxidation layer: This is followed by the process of sealing the surface oxidation layer, which takes place in a warm bath.

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